OSMO Genius Kit (Includes Base & Reflector)



The Osmo Genius Kit for iPad will change the way your child plays. The award-winning games encourage visual thinking and allow children to explore arts, maths and science in a hands-on way.

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Osmo’s ground-breaking technology bridges the real and digital realms through reflective artificial intelligence. Interact with your iPad through Osmo to improve problem-solving skills and creative thinking in a stress-free environment with real-time feedback. Who said maths and science can’t be fun?

Ideally for kids aged 5 to 12, the Osmo Genius Kit really is designed for all ages. With counting-addition-multiplication modes, blending real-life doodles with on-screen action, kick-starting creativity and problem solving, there is a challenge for everybody. 

Foster learning in key areas such as creative problem-solving, art, science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM. All five games are an irresistible invitation to imagine, invent, explore, and play.

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