OSMO Hot Wheels Mindracers



Place your favourite Hot Wheels ride on the Osmo launchpad and hit the accelerator to jump into digital racing adventures that will put your strategic skills and reaction times to the test.

Osmo MindRacers uniquely bridges the gap between interactive hands-on play and exciting virtual game environments. The included set of 6 original Hot Wheels™ designs adds a nice touch to this ground-breaking experience.

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Get ready for high-speed action!

Kids pick their cars from the included fleet of real-live Hot Wheels racers, set them on the starting line and — ZOOM! — they’re launched on a full-throttle drive straight through the screen and into awesome worlds.


Send Hot Wheels cars on a digital adventure with Osmo MindRacers.


A battle of race cars, reflexes, and strategy
Winning this race requires real-world dexterity and quick decision-making. Kids use real-life game play in front of the screen to increase their speed and ambush their opponents on screen. Watch out for obstacles and sneak attacks!


Learn how to get the most out of OSMO Hot Wheels Mindracers.


Two players double the excitement
Osmo Hot Wheels is great for solo fun, and even better when friends challenge each other to a race. Or play tournament-style for a fast-paced family game night! First across the finish line is the undisputed champion of the universe — until the next race.

What’s in the Box
• Base (stand & reflector)
• MindRacers launcher
• Hot Wheels MindRacers game
• +2 learning gamesMasterpiece (creative drawing) Newton (problem-solving)
• 36 game tokens
• 6 Hot Wheels cars
• Stackable storage
• Requires iPad to play

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