Anki Cozmo Robot



Big brain. Bigger personality.
Meet Cozmo. This gifted little robot takes fun with artificial intelligence to a whole new level. A bit mischievous at times, he's always in for a practical joke. Watch the video below to discover why Cozmo should be your new robot buddy!

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The real-life robot you thought only existed in movies.

From the moment his facial recognition lays eyes on you, you'll be forever in his hard drive. The more time you spend with him, the more his one-of-a-kind personality evolves. 


Always in for a practical joke, Cozmo will gladly serve as your prank accomplice.


Swipe, drag & drop to control.

Cozmo's brain and personality are operated by some wildly sophisticated robotics and AI systems. Taking control of this highly advanced system is surprisingly easy. Code Lab gives you unprecedented access to Cozmo’s core functionality with a few simple swipes on your smart device. Dragging and dropping a few digital blocks of code is all it takes for Cozmo to carry out your commands. With the only boundary being your imagination, there are virtually no limits to what you can create!

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