Edison V2.0 Programmable Robot



Edison is a compact programmable robot suitable for all ages. The affordable robot is lego-compatible, built to last and comes with lots of free online resources including programming software and robotics lessons.

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Learn how to code a robot!

Edison will teach you about electronics, programming and robotics in a fun and engaging way. Your new robot buddy is equipped with all the sensors, outputs and motors needed to introduce you to the amazing world of robotics.

Meet Edison, the super affordable robot for learning and inventing. 

New to coding?

Free programming software and learning resources guide coders of all ages from basic controls to robot expansion and transformation. Grab your free "Getting started with Edison" PDF or Robot Programming Software and explore the free Robotics Lesson Plans!

Simply drag & drop blocks to program Edison with EdBlocks!

Explore endless possibilities.

Create obstacle courses. Make Edison follow lines on the EdMat. Try out clap-controlled driving. Sumo-wrestle other robots, set up remote control steering and experiment with complex commands! 

The Edison EdMat is sold separately. Find it here.

For your convenience, STEM Supplies includes AAA batteries for all Edison v2.0 robots!

 Edison is equipped with Edison can
  • left and right infrared obstacle detectors
  • detect and navigate his way around obstacles
  • a line tracking sensor
  • be controlled via a standard TV or DVD remote
  • left and right light sensors
  • follow lines and stay within boarders
  • an infrared receiver and transmitter
  • follow a flash light
  • a piezo sounder
  • communicate with other Edisons using infrared light
  • a sound sensor
  • play beeps and musical tunes
  • two motors with variable speeds
  • respond to clapping and other loud sounds
  • left and right red LED lights
  • move in any direction using his differential drive system
  • three handy control buttons
  • expanded with LEGO

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