Arckit Go Colours Kit



It’s easier than ever to create architecture designs with Arckit GO Colours. The  multi-award-winning Arckit range allows students to build to-scale structures through architecture modelling. The component-based system encourages creativity and promotes problem-solving skills.


The Arckit GO Colours kit introduces students to architectural principles through colourful designs used in real-world architecture. The building components and floor plates of GO Colours are slightly larger than those in other Arckit design kits, which significantly simplifies the building process. The intuitive ‘click & connect’ system makes this an exceptional product for learning design skills early on.

Students aged 10 and older can build and modify colourful models by effortlessly combining the reusable building blocks. They can explore designs in small groups and learn to communicate design concepts and ideas to their peers. Within the range of Arckit products, we recommend Arckit GO Colours to introduce young minds to STEM learning with a strong focus on design.

  • The Arckit GO Colours kit contains over 170 interconnectable building pieces that easily click together.
  • The kit includes free online access to “Arckit Digital Components” and the “Arckitexture Printable Materials Library”. Visit the digital components page to explore your designs in a virtual environment using SketchUp design software. Or cover the surfaces of your physical design with custom sheets you can print directly from the “Architexture” library.
  • Introduction manual included.
  • Recommended Age: 10+
  • Box Size: Width 235mm, Depth 200mm, Height 60mm
  • Box Weight : 395g

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