Arckit Mini Dormer



Design and build unique 3D dormer models with The Arckit Mini Dormer. The multi-award-winning Arckit collection lets students fit together to-scale models of real-world architectural designs. The component-based system boosts creative thinking and fosters problem-solving skills.


The Arckit Mini Dormer allows students to create and adjust advanced dormer designs. A dormer is a roof structure in which a vertical window protrudes from a sloping roof. They are commonly used in architecture to increase usable space and to create window openings in a roof plane. The Mini Dormer kit includes 18 unique components to experiment with this type of design.

The Arckit Mini Dormer is based on the same 1 to 50 scale used by most architects. It can be used as a stand-alone kit or as the ideal add-on to an existing Arckit collection. Students have the option to print custom textures that can be attached to their models or to create their own designs by putting their imagination to work.

  • The Arckit Mini Dormer contains 115+ high-quality interconnectable building blocks and 18 unique components.
  • 5 “Arckitexture” sheets. Apply these pre-designed stickers to your model as a finishing touch.
  • Free online access to “Arckit Digital Components” and the “Arckitexture Printable Materials Library”. Explore your designs in a virtual environment using SketchUp design software or print custom design sheets for your physical design.
  • Starter guide included.
  • Recommended Age: 12+
  • Kit Size: Width 220mm, Depth 160mm, Height 45mm
  • Kit Weight: 267g

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