LightUp Edison Kit



LightUp is an award-winning educational product that teaches children how the technology we use everyday works. Build circuits, use augmented reality and have fun with your creations!

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LightUp combines the best of both worlds by bringing together an engaging hands-on electronics platform with an interactive iOS mobile app. LightUp kits introduce key STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) concepts, teaching children how to explore their world with electronics.

How it works

Children can build projects by snapping together magnetic circuit blocks, and then use the LightUp Learning app (for iPad and iPhone) to interactively learn important concepts. The app includes introductory projects to get started, with new project ideas added every week. LightUp Lens, the in-app augmented reality feature, helps children out when things don't work, and even gives them X-ray vision by letting them see electricity flow!


It's easy to build and modify circuits with the LightUp augmented reality feature.


With the Edison Kit, children can build projects like a flashlight and SOS beeper that teach them about current, voltage, resistance, and other important concepts.


Watch to discover some creative LightUp projects!


Created by a Stanford teacher and engineer

LightUp was created by Josh, a teacher, and Tarun, an electrical engineer, who met at Stanford University while running educational workshops. They couldn't find a product that excited children while teaching them the skills and concepts they'd need as the scientists, engineers, and innovators of the future. They decided to create the product they were looking for.

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