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The Makeblock Airblock Drone can be transformed into a hovercraft and many other designs. You can use the app to control the Makeblock Airblock Drone or program it with graphical drag & drop codes to perform stunts and tricks. The modular design allows for quick assembly, fast design changes and rebuilds.



Explore different designs for countless hours of fun.

The Makeblock Airblock consists of 6 magnetic modular building blocks that allow for fast and easy assembly into different designs. The two main designs are the Drone and the Hovercraft. Many more designs can be built. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • The Triangle
  • The Spider
  • The Jet Car
  • The 360 Degree Spinner

Even more wind-driven designs can be crafted by expanding the Airblock with DIY materials or LEGO. A few ideas:

  • Crazy Paper Cups
  • The Angry Person
  • Lego Aircars
  • Powerful Wheels


It's easy to toggle between Drone, Hovercraft and other modes!


Fly. Hover. Roll. Crawl. Drive. Ride. Float. And more.

The most exciting thing about the Makeblock Airblock is to make all these designs move in their own way! Activate the blades to propel your design into almost any direction you want.

Download the free Makeblock App to take control of your Airblock. (available for iOs and Android) The app connects to your designs via bluetooth and allows you to take the controls in Air Mode, Land Mode, Water Mode and more.

  • Steering includes basic moves:
    • Rise, Descend, Plane Forward and Backward
    • Take Off and Land
  • And more advanced tricks:
    • Rolls, Shakes and Circles
    • Drifts, S-Moves and Custom Stunts

A massive benefit of the Makeblock Airblock Drone is that it is perfectly safe for all these stunts to be performed indoors. The modular parts are made of lightweight styrofoam which is harmless to your home’s furniture and walls.


      Take to the sky in no time, by controlling the Airblock drone with your app!


      Technical Specs

      • Recommended age: 8+
      • Weight: 200 grams
      • Flight speed: 0-2 m/s
      • Flight time: 6 minutes per charge
      • Dimensions: Six-axis Aircraft (235 x 54mm), Hovercraft (335 x 208 x 126mm)
      • Replaceable 700mAh Battery

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